Monday Motivation: Loving yourself in the right way

Monday Motivation: Loving yourself in the right way

"Loving ourselves the right way opens room for others to reciprocate the love towards us."

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Love is defined in many ways. Some define it as a feeling, others define it as an action. I define it as both. It is a feeling that will motivate you to behave in the person's best interest, and it is your actions that will keep the emotion of love alive and growing.

There is a famous saying: “Love your neighbour as you love yourself.” 

Love begins with yourself. 

Often in life, we can tell when others don’t give us the kind of love we deserve, yet how often do we do self-introspection and evaluate our love for ourselves? 

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Loving ourselves the right way opens room for others to reciprocate the love towards us. 

One of the things self-love has taught me over the years is that it guides the relationships that I allow in my life. When I know how to love myself, then it becomes easier to know what I deserve and what I shouldn’t tolerate. 

This then allows me to distance myself from toxic people who don’t treat me right and from things that have the potential to harm me.  

Self-love means being kinder to myself and not allowing those that will intentionally and consistently hurt me into my life. 

Loving myself means appreciating my accomplishments and realising that my life is a gift and I should take care of myself. It is the same love for myself that will cause me to take care of my health. But if I don’t love and appreciate my own body, how can I expect someone else to? Loving oneself will help boost your self-esteem. 

It is loving myself that will push me to seek better opportunities so that I can attain greatness. 

This Monday, the motivation is for you to seek opportunities to better show love to yourself. The motivation is to go back to the drawing board and look at ways which you can show appreciation for this incredible human being, which is YOU.

The motivation is to stop allowing toxicity to come into your life, poison you, and rob you of the best that this life has to offer. The motivation is to be in a healthy relationship with yourself before opening the room for someone else!

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