Monday Motivation: Shine the light from within

Monday Motivation: Shine the light from within

"Each crystal has to be thoroughly cleaned so that the chandelier’s full potential can be seen."


I recently heard about a story of a 12-year-old who wanted to become a Fashion Designer when she grew up, but she came from such an impoverished household that she knew there was no way her family would be able to afford to pay for her to pursue her dreams. She then opted to be a domestic worker in order to raise enough money to study Fashion Design. 

One day, she asked one of the elderly women who had worked as a domestic worker for a long time and who had taken her children to college on her paycheque, what the secret to impressing her boss and keeping her job was. The elderly lady told her that when she cleans her employer’s house, she needs to pay careful attention to the chandelier lights, which most domestic workers don’t care to clean because of how delicate they are and how much work goes into doing that. 

The young lady took the advice and carefully cleaned the chandelier, paying attention to each crystal. Cleaning the chandelier took her longer than cleaning other things in the house, but she says everything in the house suddenly looked brighter. This impressed her employers who instantly noticed the difference in their home, and it earned the young girl favour with them. 

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Like this little girl, we all have dreams and aspirations, but what is important to learn is that success comes from doing what others are not willing to do. 

We live in a microwave generation where we are fascinated by instant gratification and want things quickly. But there is power in training yourself to be patient and to ‘clean’ anything that might come as an obstruction to the light that is placed within you. 

Some of us have allowed past hurt to dim our light and others have allowed inferiority to stop us from shining. 

Sometimes we have to clear negative thoughts by constantly affirming ourselves with good words. Sometimes we have to clean our attitudes, sometimes we have to let go of pain and things that have tarnished our hearts, sometimes we have to shift our focus. When we begin to self-introspect and look for the ‘crystals’ within us, our lives suddenly become more brighter. 

Remember, all of us are created to shine, but this means you need to be intentional about paying attention to every detail of your life. Each crystal has to be thoroughly cleaned so that the chandelier’s full potential can be seen. What are the crystals in your life - what are the positive things that reside in you that have been left unclean for so long? 

This Monday, the motivation is for you to look deep within and clean your chandelier so that your full light can shine. 

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