How presenters plan to spend Christmas amid coronavirus pandemic

How presenters plan to spend Christmas amid coronavirus pandemic

Our presenters share how the pandemic has affected their Christmas plans and how they plan to enjoy the day amid the pandemic. 

Keri Miller
Keri Miller/ Instagram

Christmas 2020 will be like no other. Due to the coronavirus, people have been advised to avoid gatherings and visiting their family and friends.

But this does not mean Christmas has to be boring. Our presenters have shared how they will be spending their Christmas with the hope that their ideas will inspire you. 

Jayshree Parasuramen

Jayshree says she is used to travelling around the world during the festive season.  

" I usually have a summer vacation in a place I have never visited. I love travelling." 

However, due to the coronavirus, she says this year she will be home. 

“The current lockdown has definitely interfered with my plans. This year I have decided to sacrifice the festive season and stay at home. I will be catching up on all Christmas movies and enjoying the spirit of Christmas." 

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Keri Miller

Christmas is a very special time for Keri, because that’s when she gets to be with her family. The family get-together starts on Christmas eve. 

 " My family does Christmas eve together, usually at my mom’s house. And if we can, we even sleep over so we can be together for Christmas morning."

She says this year's celebration will be more special because his brother from Germany will be celebrating with them. 

" We are all together for the first time in ages, my brother Matt is home from Germany (made it before they went back into lockdown) we will be doing a Christmas eve day swimming party at my parents’ with my family and the greek’s family." 

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Owen Crafford 

For Owen, Christmas is all about having a great time with friends and even this year, he plans to have a small get-together with his friends. 

" I usually spend Christmas with friends, but this year, being new to KZN, I will have a lovely Friendmas, with my close friends right here on the North-Coast. I think the current lockdown just made me more appreciative of what I do have and also of the people I have in my life," he says. 

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Michael Venter 

For Michael, Christmas is a time to get together with family and watch holiday movies. 

" Every year, I find myself wincing at holiday films because it looks totally rubbish. Everyone cowers away from the cold weather, and spend their days ruining their sinuses by the log fire and drinking eggnog. I mean, who would ever want to drink eggs? Ew." 

" This year, things might be different. I’m not sure my family will get to KZN from Jo’burg before tighter restrictions kick in due to the Coronavirus second-wave. I might not be able to head to the beach, and the test cricket might be cancelled. But, I’ll still be in the world’s most beautiful province, so I’ll find a way to dive into the Christmas cheer. Oh, by the way, if you’re awake early on Christmas morning, I’ll be in for Darren, Keri and Sky from 6 AM. So, let‘s put on our cheap plastic crowns from a Christmas cracker, and get ready for a beautiful, albeit slightly different, KZN Christmas. Now that sounds like a Christmas movie I’d want to watch," says the presenter. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/ @Kerimillersa

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