This is four minutes with Keri Miller that will change your life!

This is four minutes with Keri Miller that will change your day!

With the effects of COVID-19 and many other social ills weighing on our mental health, and with Women's Month in full swing, Keri Miller has decided to prioritise women by teaching them breathing exercises that will help them get through the day and week.

Keri Miller Breathing
Keri Miller

Ladies, if you (like so many other women) are feeling like you just need to stop... and take a moment for YOU, then this four-minute breathing exercise is for you.

As a woman - it's natural to put yourself last to make sure your family, partner, colleagues, boss, and friends are okay. But when do you make time JUST FOR YOU?

All you are asked to do today is take four minutes TO RECHARGE, TO BREATHE. 

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For this exercise, Keri likes to either keep her hands in her lap, with her palms facing up, or place her left hand on her heart and her right hand on her belly.

Listen to this relaxing podcast below and please feel free to share this with a wonderful woman in your life who deserves a moment to herself. 

"To stop and take a breath gives you the POWER to respond not react. ♥" - Keri Miller.

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