Lockdown restrictions: How to still celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve

Lockdown restrictions: How to still celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve

Don’t let the lockdown restrictions stop you from having fun this festive season. 

Family decorating Christmas tree
Family decorating Christmas tree/ iStock

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced stricter regulations to curb the spread of the coronavirus. He discouraged large family gatherings, travelling, and he closed some beaches and changed the curfew from 11 pm until 4 am.

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This means Christmas and New Year celebrations won’t be the same. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Let’s look at ways in which you can celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve amid the coronavirus.

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Cook a feast

What’s a Christmas celebration without food? Being alone or with a few family members doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t cook up a storm.

Try out new recipes and, if possible, share with homeless people on the street. After all, Christmas is a time to show love and give to the less fortunate.

For the New Year's Eve celebration, you can have a braai with great music playing in the background with a small group of people and still adhering to the curfew. Time to get creative.


Create your own backyard pool

Beaches around South Africa are usually packed during the festive season. This is because many people head to the beach to unwind.

But, going to the beach during the coronavirus pandemic is not advisable as it might put your health at risk. With some of the beaches in South Africa closed, this is the perfect time to create your own backyard pool.

You can either buy an inflatable swimming pool or create a backyard pool. 

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Watch Christmas movies

There are plenty of Christmas movies to keep you entertained. These include ‘The Snowman’, ‘Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town’, ‘Last Holiday’, ‘Four Christmases’, and ‘Christmas Tale’.

For the New Year's Eve celebration, you can watch classic movies such as ‘Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!’, ‘While You Were Sleeping’, and ‘New Year's Eve’. 


Connect with your family online 

Thanks to technology, distance doesn’t have to get in the way of you connecting with your loved ones. 

Schedule a video call with them and share in the joy of Christmas.

To make the day even more special, you can send them gifts via post and schedule a time where you can connect online to open gifts and celebrate.


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