Meaningful gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day: Five meaningful gift ideas

Mothers are tired of bath salts, gowns, and boxes of chocolates for Mother's Day. Here is how you can make this year's gift special. 

Mother and daughter hugging with gift in hand iStock
Mother and daughter hugging with gift in hand/ iStock

Mother's Day has finally arrived. 

If you are one of those who hasn't decided which gift to get that special woman in your life, don't fret. 

This year, make the day meaningful by thinking outside the box when it comes to gifts. 

Below are five recommendations from us:


Does your mom own a garden? Why not spoil her with a plant? 

You can get her a beautiful plant or tree that she can grow in her garden.

Unlike flowers, plants will make a lasting impact because they will live longer than a few days. 

You can also get a lovely flower grow kit which has seeds, a cork lid, potting soil, and a glass grow bottle.

Personalised clothing item

For years, mom has ensured that you not only have shelter, but she also fed and clothed you. Why not let her know you appreciate her by also getting her a lovely outfit that is personalised with a very special message? Get an outfit she would wear with pride and that will always remind her of how special she is. 

You can also personalise a nice winter throw or blanket. 

A woman can never have enough shoes. Instead of clothes, you can also personalise your mom's favourite pair of sneakers or heels. 

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Depending on how old your mom is, you cannot go wrong with a gadget. Upgrade your mom's cellphone or get her something like a portable charger. 

Customised photo album

Mothers cherish the great memories that they create with their children. One of the best gifts you can spoil mom with this Mother's Day is to gift her with a photo album with all your favourite photos together. 

Household items
Many mothers cannot get enough of things such as a nice tea set, Tupperware, new pots, etc. This Mother's Day, surprise your mother with a new household item or upgrade those she has that need to be replaced. 

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You can also make your own DIY Mother's Day gifts. Read this article for inspiration - Five creative DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas

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