Who gets first dibs for Mother's Day?

Who gets first dibs for Mother's Day?

Is Mother's Day for your mother, grandmother, or mother-in-law? How do you prioritise?

Black woman gifting her mother with flowers and a hug
Black woman gifting her mother with flowers and a hug/iStock/PeopleImages

Mother's Day is celebrated every year but there has always been much contention over who gets priority. 

Is it mom, grandma, your mother-in-law, or everyone that gets spoilt on this special day?

Most of the time you would find families splitting their time for each mother figure in their lives so that everyone gets to feel special on Mother's Day. 

It seems this contentious topic has started a debate online after one mother declared Mother's Day, a "day solely for 'moms in the trenches' of parenthood." (Today)

An older mom was not happy about this and shared her opinion with a video on TikTok. She was upset because she felt ignored by the younger generation who believe that special days like Mother's Day should only be for younger mothers. 

She made a valid point though, why is it fair or acceptable that older moms are not included in the celebrations because their kids no longer stay with them and should exclusively celebrate their wives who are younger mothers?

Watch the video below where she addresses her concerns with others on TikTok

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