Carol Ofori shares five inexpensive must-haves for Mother's Day

Carol Ofori shares five inexpensive must-haves for Mother's Day

If you're struggling to find a gift for mom this Mother's Day, check out these inexpensive ideas. 

Carol Ofori posing on an outdoor balcony
Carol Ofori posing on an outdoor balcony/Instagram Screenshot/@CarolOfori

Mother's Day gift ideas that are inexpensive yet special are difficult to find. 

But where there's a will, there's a way.

Carol Ofori, our Daytime Queen, shared some inexpensive yet meaningful must-haves that every family should cater to for mom this Mother's Day. 

Time off 

Carol shares that it is important to give mom some time off from her plethora of responsibilities. From washing dishes to asking for permission for something, mom should be completely off the clock. 

Tea or coffee in bed

She said that serving your mom a good cup of tea or coffee, depending on their preference, is more appreciated than you might think. A bonus would be breakfast in bed... wink, wink, nudge, nudge. 

A homemade Mother's Day card

The kids and dad should make a homemade Mother's Day card as it's super cute. If your baby is an infant, then dad should take charge and trace his or her footprint on a card. It makes it super special. 

Make a gratitude list for mom

Be intentional with mom on the day, sharing what you are grateful for. It is good practice to share your gratitude daily, but if that's not possible, then use this special day to let your mother know what you appreciate about her. 

Prayer and reflection

Carol Ofori says that a nice end-of-day tradition is to sit down as a family and reflect on the day. Everyone gets a turn to share their favourite part of the day and mom gets to share what she is grateful for when it comes to each of her family members. 

What are your favourite Mother's Day traditions?

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