Last Kid Standing's most thrilling and stellar week!

Last Kid Standing's most thrilling and stellar week!

We take you through our most exciting week of Last Kid Standing. Wednesday takes the trophy as 'The Most Thrilling Round'.

Last Kid Stnding Semi-Final 3
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 Is it spelled ‘pronounciation’ or ‘pronunciation’? Find out in the third semi-final podcast of Last Kid Standing!

It has been an exhilarating week with only memorable moments from our contestants, with their personalities shining through the radio and being able to spell difficult words like ‘hierarchy’.

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We kicked off the week on Monday with Deodene, Shriya, and Zenande!

Deodene from Bay Primary School, Shriya from Mount Edgecombe Private School, and Zenande from Glenmore Primary School launched the rest of the contestants into an epic week of spelling.

'Vegetable' is a hard one for Shriya, so Zenande wins this round with 'broken'.

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On Tuesday, Daryle from Scottsville Primary, Colin Martín from Umhlali Primary School, and Lily from Waterfall Preparatory all managed to successfully start their game strong!

The second round kicked off similarly, but unfortunately for Colin, only Daryle and Lilly made it to the third round.

And Daryle was Tuesday’s winner!

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On Wednesday we had a nail-biter of a spelling bee. It was the longest round of Last Kid Standing as we had to extend the time to find harder words for the kids in our “bowl of impossible words”.

Jack, Kaiyen, and Kiara were the day’s spellers.

Jack Goodwin from St Henry's Marist College, Kaiyen Naidoo from Bay Primary School, and Kiara Naidoo from Mount Edgecombe Private School gave KZN an electrifying show.

'Camouflage' and 'squatter' were some of the words easily spelt back by the contenders.

Kiara took the trophy for that round with ‘harmful’.

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Aariya Bharosa from Mount Edgecombe Private School, Abby Lorimer from Hillcrest Primary School, and homeschooled Julian Lalouette struggled in Thursday’s round.

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Finally, Julian won the round and completed our semi-final line-up.

 Zenande, Daryle, Kiara, and Julian take each other on for the grand finale spot.

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