Mia and Jemimah are both on the way to the grand finale

Mia and Jemimah are both on the way to the grand finale!

There was an unexpected turn of events in the semi-finals of Last Kid Standing - Spelling Bee Edition. 

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If you have been tuned in every morning, you’ll know that words like 'necessary' are words everyone needs to practice spelling, because not only did the kids get it wrong, but Sky also admitted to sometimes struggling with the word.

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“(N)ever (E)at (C)hips (E)at (S)ausage (S)andwiches (A)nd (R)emain (Y)oung”

That’s Darren trick to memorising the correct spelling of the word.

Because we were out on Monday, we kicked off round 1 of the semi-finals on Tuesday, with Tyler Darian Naicker, Joshua Jackson, and Mia Davison. Girl power to Mia for winning this round!

During round 2, we had Jemimah Elise Sampson from Whetstone Primary School, Samay Mayson Sheokarah from Buffelsdale Primary, and Temika Naidoo from Seatides Combined spelling it out. Jemimah took this round.

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On Thursday, we had Chloe Potgieter from Athlone Primary School, Tamzyn Munsamy from Virginia Prep, and Tiffany Scott from Hillcrest Primary doing their ting. Chloe emerged as the victor of this round!

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Will it be Mia, Jemimah or Chloe for the win? 

You will be surprised to hear this one! 

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