T's and C's

T's and C's

Thinking of entering Last Kid Standing, Spelling Bee Edition? Here are the T's and C's.

Last Kid Standing T's and C's
East Coast Radio

  • Note that all selected participants must provide a copy of their birth certificate
  • Participants should not be assisted when spelling the words on-air
  • All participants must be grade four learners
  • Mon-Thursday, there will be an on-air spelling Bee competition hosted by Darren, Keri and Sky. There will be one winner per day who will progress to the semi-final round on that Friday
  • All rounds before the finale will be held on-air via a phone call
  • All successful participants will be contacted by East Coast Radio
  • Finalists are required to be at the live finale that takes place at the East Coast Radio studios in Umhlanga, Durban
  • Contestants & their parents must be willing to be filmed for video purposes and their photos to be used on ECR social media platforms.
  • Participants will be asked to spell words that a local school principal has submitted according to the grade 4 curriculum
  • Participants will be only be awarded one opportunity to spell the word, in case of a tiebreaker, the participant who spelt the word correctly in the shortest time will proceed to the next round/winner

Good luck! 

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