Everybody deserves some delicious waffles from The Waffle House

Everybody deserves some delicious waffles from The Waffle House

Dare to get a waffle in a world full of pancakes...


There is nothing that beats a great waffle paired with a delicious side food.

Waffles are always a great food choice because they can be combined with almost anything and everything.

The Waffle House in Ramsgate has one of the best menus when it comes to the most unique and interesting waffle-centric dishes.

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The Waffle House dates back to 1957 and remains one of the most loved restaurants along the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. 

The restaurant has become very popular over the years due to the amazing food and great service provided.

The restaurant, which accommodates about 220 people, is always buzzing with many tourists and locals.

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The Waffle House
Instagram - The Waffle House
The Waffle House

Another element that makes The Waffle House extremely unique from other waffle restaurants is the fact that the menu is broken up into sweet waffles and savoury waffles.

The savoury waffles are super creative because the waffles are paired with unique food combinations such as their steak and kidney waffle combo and chicken curry waffle combo.

It's a great experience if you're a food enthusiast who wants to explore different flavours of the KZN right at the tip of your tongue.

The Waffle House

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