Signs that your partner a serial cheater

Is your partner a serial cheater?

Here are warning signs that show that your partner might be a serial cheater and how to deal with the problem. 

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Affairs are a violation of an agreement between two people to remain faithful to each other and the central element of affairs is the secrecy.

It destabilises the relationship.  

Cheating robs a relationship from flourishing because it brings with it betrayal and hurt. 

Cheating has the potential to destroy the victim's confidence, steal their peace, and fill them with doubt. 

It leaves the partner who was cheated on with wounds that can sometimes be impossible to heal.

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Although some partners might cheat and be remorseful and change, some are serial cheaters. 

According to, serial cheaters: 

- Don't show remorse after cheating because they do not see anything wrong with it. 

- They look for opportunities to cheat. 

- Cheated repeatedly in the past.

- There is secrecy around their phone. 

- They also gaslight their partner to try and shift the blame or focus from them. 

- They manipulate their partners into thinking they will change. 

- They also have overly flirty behaviour. 

- They show narcissistic behaviour. 

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You should first realise that you are not to blame for your partner's infidelity. Although some people might start to feel insufficient, the truth is that adultery is more about the cheater than the one who is being cheated on.

Also keep in mind that love is always demonstrated through deeds rather than words.

Staying with a serial cheater means you are enabling his or her behaviour. 

It's also crucial to be aware that if you engage in sexual activity, living with a serial cheater could expose you to STDs.

If you are finding it difficult to leave the toxic relationship, talk to a counsellor who might help you with practical steps you can take in order to leave the relationship and set yourself free. 

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