Mindgame Escape - Put your inner detective to the test

Mindgame Escape - Put your inner detective to the test

All your years of watching true crime stories have sharpened your detective skills, but are you smart enough to decipher clues and escape a room before the time runs out?

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Are you the smarty-pants of your friend group? Do you solve problems better than anyone in your family?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you need to get your detective-in-the-making self to Mindgame Escape in Durban.

Mindgame Escape, which has a venue at the Pavilion and Granada Square in Umhlanga, is the perfect place for friends and family who enjoy a challenge shrouded in mystery. 

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Participants are placed in a room which they need to escape from in less than 60 minutes. Your team of friends or family needs to solve a puzzle, find clues, or complete a task to solve a mystery before time runs out. 

Each room has its own theme and poses its own set of challenges. For example, in the 'Bunker 51' room, you and your team have to solve a case involving an unidentified flying object spotted in 1948. 

The government brushed off the sighting as a "low-flying plane landing at Virginia Airport", but we all know better.  

Aliens are real and 'Bunker 51' holds the key to solving the mystery.

Can you decode the puzzle in time to open the door and find out what really happened on that mysterious day in 1948? 

Escape rooms became popular in the early 2010s. Shows and movies like 'Squid Game' and 'Escape Room' have heightened interest in recent years. 

'Real Housewives of Durban' star JoJo Robinson spent her birthday in December at the Mindgame Escape venue in Umhlanga. She had one main piece of advice. 

"Listen it's HARD HARD.. go with a smart group of friends. It took us just under an hour to solve.. we made it out with literally 9 seconds," she wrote on Instagram.

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Mindgame Escape reviews online are equally positive. 

"Our family of 4 had the mindgame escape experience for the first time. Loved it!! Will definitely be doing another one or two in the future. Thanks guys!! Those clues were greatly needed but happy to report we escaped," one person wrote on TripAdvisor

Another attendee wrote: "What a fantastic way to spend time with your family that love to solve puzzles and who work as a team. The rooms were great."

Pavillion has two rooms to choose from, while Granada Square has three. Booking online is essential, and you need at least two people to participate. 

There is, however, an age restriction. Children under 8 are not permitted. Kids between 8-16 are permitted but there needs to be at least one person who is 18+. Some rooms are also recommended for people over 13. 

Visit Mindgame Escape's website for more details.

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