The breathtaking Barn Owl Tennis Club

The breathtaking Barn Owl Tennis Club

Bustling streets, nature, and a some of KZN’s finest coffee! 

Barn Owl Tennis Club 4
Barn Owl Tennis Club 4/ ECR

It’s a hit among the locals, and now you have the insider info. This is the perfect environment in which you can enjoy life’s most simplest pleasures: the chirping of birds, the hustle and bustle of the nearby city, and the warmth of community. 

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Barn Owl at Mitchell Park Tennis Club is in an incredibly convenient spot due to its proximity to the inner city’s financial hub, whilst being most frequented by the area’s blissful suburbia.

Barn Owl Tennis Club 2
Barn Owl Tennis Club 2 / Barn Owl

It’s a place that helps inspire you to be your productive best, boasting outstanding workspaces. Its relaxing charm allows you to breathe in the dense canopy of the surrounding urban forest. 

Excitingly, you’ll be given an opportunity to mingle with the club’s locals on their way back from a padel match, further enriching your network among a fresh and cosmopolitan community. 

Barn Owl Tennis Club 3
Barn Owl Tennis Club 3/ Barn Owl

"When I first came to visit The Barn Owl, this location took my breath away," shares one Durbanite. 

Another East Coaster remarks: "The food is divine. I wish I could come for a visit every single day." 

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Check out this stunning setting that you should add to you must-visit list: 

Barn Owl Tennis Club
Barn Owl Tennis Club / Barn Owl

Stay tuned for more Things To Do In KZN, we will bring you the latest on the East Coast.

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