What to expect from Shakin’ Stevens’ upcoming album

What to expect from Shakin’ Stevens’ upcoming album

The UK's biggest-selling singles artist of the 1980s, Shakin’ Stevens, is turning 75 on 4 March. We put the spotlight on his music career and his upcoming album...

Shakin' Stevens
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Shakin’ Stevens is set to release a new album next month. 

'Re-Set' comes out on April 28. 

According to a statement released on the musician's website, the album will feature songs about Stevens' personal and family life. 

The award-winning star sings about his difficult childhood where he was raised singlehandedly by his mother, who had 13 children. 

There is also a song about his late uncle whom he never got to meet. 

But the album is not only focused on his personal life and "the plight of his ancestors", but he also sings about the present day challenges including the challenge in how humans are treating the planet and each other. 

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''Re-Set' has a number of has a number of personal storylines, drawn from his own family chronicles, and the working-class background from which the young Michael Barratt crafted his incredible career. 

'The album is also firmly rooted in the present day, as a call to arms about our planet and what we're doing to it, and to each other,' reads a statement on his website. 

The singer released the first single from the album in January. 

The single entitled, 'It All Comes Round', is all about the effects of karma.

''It All Comes Round' is a vivid description of karma, and how kindness to others will come back to you in reward, just as hatred also travels in both directions,' reads the song description on the site. 

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Judging from all the 33 Top 40 UK hits, four No. 1s, and countless hit albums, Shakin’ new album will not disappoint. 

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