The time Nicholas Kershaw forgot his lyrics while performing on stage

The time Nicholas Kershaw forgot his lyrics while performing on stage

Nicholas Kershaw was born on 1 March 1958. As the world celebrates his birthday, we go down memory lane and look at his music and the time he forgot his lyrics while performing at Live Aid. 

Nicholas Kershaw
Nicholas Kershaw/ YouTube screenshot

Nicholas Kershaw burst onto the music scene in the 1980s, releasing hits like 'I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me'. 

He is a renowned guitar player who started playing in his teen years and later joined Half Pint Hogg and jazz-funk band Fusion before going solo. 

As a solo artist, he attained international fame, releasing his global hit song, 'I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me'. The song made its way to the charts. It peaked at number 47 on the UK charts. 

He later released 'Wouldn't It Be Good' which also peaked at number five in the UK and charted at number 46 in the USA. Many people came to love these songs, which established Nicholas as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. 

His other hit singles include 'Wide Boy', 'The Riddle', and 'Don Quixote'.

As a songwriter, he has written songs for Chesney Hawke's hit single 'The One and Only', which became a UK number one single in 1991. 

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He got to perform the song 'Wouldn't It Be Good' in front of thousands of fans at the Live Aid concert in July 1985. The concert was aimed at raising funds for the Ethiopian famine disaster. 

Nicholas says the concert was one his most memorable performances. 

"Live Aid felt really special," Nicholas told The Guardian

He says he doesn't "remember anything about being on stage other than the fear of having 2 billion people watching" and desperately trying not to mess up his performance, but sadly messing it up. 

"I forgot the words to 'Wouldn’t It Be Good'. I knew I’d forgotten them about 30 seconds before I was supposed to utter them. I sang the wrong words but did at least sing something," he told the publication. 

Fans nonetheless praised the idol for his incredible voice, as seen in the performance video posted on YouTube, which has received millions of views. 

Watch it below: 

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Image courtesy of YouTube screenshot. 

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