WATCH: Fireworks cause mayhem at children's concert

WATCH: Fireworks cause mayhem at children's concert

This is why you must be careful at all times when handling fireworks and crackers.

KZN Fireworks Association says it won't oppose loud fireworks
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Disclaimer: ECR does not advocate for the use of fireworks outside of any designated areas. Please check with your municipality first.

What we love most about fireworks is how beautiful they look in the night's sky. Crackers, on the other hand, are a version of fireworks that can be used indoors and create the same effect with their 'BANG!'.

Now this children's school concert turned into a disaster after a mistake was made. 

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In this video, which was taken at an end-of-year school performance in Kazakhstan, you'll see the little kids each dressed in Santa's Christmas suit excited to walk onto the stage.

According to news outlets, these are children under seven whose parents sat across them awaiting the start of the performance. 

Then what everyone thought was crackers went off... 

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The fireworks on the floor exploded and threw sparks of fire around the entire room, causing fear and chaos.

It is not believed there were serious injuries from the incident, and no local hospitals reported treating any patients as a result of the kindergarten mayhem.

Have a look at the scary incident here: 


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