Watch: Katy Perry closes Joe Biden's inauguration with epic performance of ‘Firework’

Watch: Katy Perry closes Joe Biden's inauguration with epic performance of ‘Firework’

Katy Perry's performance was truly remarkable, and it is one we will never forget.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry/ YouTube screenshot

President Joe Biden’s 'Celebrating America' inauguration event took place on Wednesday, 20 January 2021. Biden is the 46th President of the United States. 

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Katy Perry, John Legend, Demi Lovato, and Bruce Springsteen are some of the stars who got to welcome the new U.S president into the White House. 

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Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem before the official swearing-in ceremony. That was followed by other performances from Jennifer Lopez, who sang ‘This Land Is Our Land’, and Garth Brooks, who sang ‘Amazing Grace’. John Legend performed ‘Feeling Good’ - a song made famous by Nina Simone in the 1960s.

The last artist to performance was Katy Perry.

The singer performed 'Firework', a song she released in 2010 that was nominated for a Grammy Award for the 'Song Of The Year' in 2012. 

Perry sang her heart out and gave what some have called the performance of the night. 

What made her performance more spectacular was when she sang the chorus and it was accompanied by real fireworks.

"Excellent song choices - Firework,  it’s a new day and the one that Demi Lovato sang. Thank-you. I know it’s traditional to have a bunch of balls in DC for the elites but honestly, this was much nicer. It was nice to feel included," one user wrote on Twitter. 

"She knew this was going to happen when she made that song," another one wrote. 

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Watch the performance below:

Image courtesy of YouTube screenshot.

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