And the M&M stacking Guinness World Record goes to...

And the M&M stacking Guinness World Record goes to...

Who doesn't love a good packet of M&M's? Even better if they can score you a title from the Guinness World Records. 

Darren+Sky M&M
Darren, Keri and Sky

We came upon the story about the British civil engineer who has the title of tallest stack of M&M's in the Guinness Book of World Records. Darren Maule and Sky Tshabalala were both keen on attempting to beat him and get their names in the record books, too. 

Having a title in the Guinness Book of World Records is a cool thing one would celebrate and be proud of for a lifetime. The 'Thembisa 10' parents tried it earlier this year, but that was not just a flop, it is now a case of fraud. 

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In this case, it is quite real, but stacking M&M's does not seem as challenging. Will Culbit, the record holder, did it with just five of the tiny sweets.

How hard could it possibly be? 

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We really tried it and we hate to say how bitter losing feels. 

Sky enjoyed the sugar rush though: 

What Guinness World Record title do you think the team could easily achieve? Share in the comments. 


Main Image Courtesy: Darren, Keri and Sky 

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