Who won this egg-citing challenge on Breakfast?

Who won this egg-citing challenge on Breakfast?

On Tuesday, the Bingo Ball challenge was quite different - the team took part in an egg race, but in this version they see who is the first to finish peeling.

Egg challenge
East Coast Breakfast

Our producer WR van der Merwe wrote us a task as we were presenting, it read as follows: 

This is a task for Darren, Keri, and Sky: A controversial study by the university of Irkutsk (mainly because the grant money was for COVID-19 research), found that the average adult spends four hours annually peeling BOILED EGGS.

You will each receive a boiled egg and the first person to successfully peel the egg and consume the egg wins! Bonus points will be awarded for the best egg-related puns. Using the word "Eggcellent" will lead to instant disqualification. The eggs are free range and organic and some of them might not be boiled - Good luck.


Have a look at who took first place: 

Darren actually lacked the skills for this egg-citing challenge. Sky and Keri flunked because they did not read, read, read! 

Makes sense why he is called the 'nerd' of the trio - he was attentive and stuck to the instructions. 

Do you think he deserved to win? 


Main Image Courtesy: East Coast Breakfast

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