Want extra money? Job hunting tips ahead of 2022

Want extra money? Job hunting tips for 2022

You can get ahead with these tips. 


Nobody hates extra cash, especially after the past two years. Many people lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. 

We're in the new year and if  you are searching, it is best to ready yourself for employment.

Here are five tips to get ahead:

1. Volunteer

You can volunteer especially at companies that will rather have you do practical work than just teach you skills by telling you. Volunteering increases your network and helps you build skills that you might be able to use across so many industries.

Look online for volunteer opportunities, or ask at local radio station, hardware stores, or other nonprofit organisations in your area. Animal shelters also need volunteers during the holidays. So you can take that chance if you cannot find employment and start building your CV from there.

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2. Update your CV

Make sure to update your CV as soon as possible. Take a day out of the week this week and give your CV a complete makeover.

Make sure to list any new certifications or classes you’ve taken since you last updated your CV.  This is where you include your volunteer work on the document. 

Here's an important one: If you increased sales, profits, engagements, etc., make sure to include all those facts and figures on your improved resume.

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3. Brainstorm

Brainstorm companies you’d like to work for. Then look for jobs that are open in those organisations.

If you can’t find the ideal job you’re looking for, aim for jobs that are similar so you can get the experience you need to land the job you want. If you want to be a journalist, you could do blog writing first or social media work. It will eventually influence the job you want.

List all the job possibilities you come across, and then start with the ones that interest you the most.

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4. Think temporary

Most seasonal positions are part time, but in some cases employers will keep on seasonal employees after the holidays. This works well if you were previously unemployed.

 So getting hired as a seasonal employee can lead to full-time work - certain seasonal jobs could be the stepping stones to new careers.

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5. Network at holiday socials

The best place to network is at social events. 

Let people know you’re looking for a new job when you interact. 

The more people who know you’re searching, the better chance you’ll have of landing leads. 

So, let's be positive and be ready for those jobs. You can try these out. 



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