Minor incidents reported as private schools reopen

Minor incidents reported as private schools reopen

The first day of school, since the lockdown, went off without a hitch for most private schools, according to the National Alliance of Independent School Association - which welcomed learners back on Monday. 

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Chairperson, Mandla Mthembu says they're satisfied with schools' compliance to health and safety protocols. 

He says there were some challenges.

"We have not heard direct problems as such, but we have heard of incidents where there were people who were protesting in some other areas - where people felt that the children will be unsafe if they open because there's some protest of people saying kids should not be going to school today."

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Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga says private schools have different management protocols, allowing them to reopen this week. 

"So what they do, we work with them through the recognised association representing them and that association on the basis of the agreement that we have, using the tools that we are using they then confirm to us that this school has met the requirements. 

"Therefore, as an association of private schools, we have given them permission to operate, so they are in a different dispensation because of the way they are run and managed."

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