COVID-19 positive diabetics urged to make healthier choices

COVID-19 positive diabetics urged to make healthier choices

A medical practitioner is urging people with diabetes to take charge of their health.

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She says uncontrolled diabetes makes the fight against COVID-19 harder.

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Specialist Physician, Pinky Ngcakani, has been speaking about one of the common comorbidities among coronavirus patients. 

She says the symptoms are likely to be more severe for people with uncontrolled diabetes. 

But it's not too late for people with the chronic disease to change their diet.

"They should try and boost their immune system with whatever is known and available to boost the immune system. 

"It doesn't mean that people won't get the infection. But it means that even if they do get the infection, their immune system will be at a point where it can manage to fight for itself correctly," says Ngcakani. 

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