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Silkhouse| KZN Future 50

Learn more about Silkhouse, this week's KZN Future 50 featured business...

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Company name: Silkhouse


In the heart of Pietermaritzburg lies Papini Trading, the parent business to the Silkhouse brand – which is this week’s feature on the KZN Future50. Started over 30 years ago, this business has grown from one man – founder Rasheed Patel – to now employing over 130 people and has since sold over 1.2-million kilometres of fabric! This local manufacturing and import business, offers a way to support many other smaller businesses, by giving these businesses access to their full range of products of the bigger business, but without carrying all the overheads and complexity of running a big business.

In order to make this happen, Rasheed identifies the importance of suppliers as one of his key success factors.

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In the business world, establishing strong relationships with your suppliers is of paramount importance. Suppliers, those individuals or companies who provide the materials and products necessary for your business operations, play a critical role in the success of your enterprise. Cultivating robust relationships with your suppliers can yield numerous advantages.

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First and foremost, strong supplier relationships ensure a reliable supply chain. When you maintain a good rapport with your suppliers, they are more likely to deliver the materials and products you need on time, thereby preventing disruptions in your business operations. This reliability is invaluable in keeping your business running smoothly.

Secondly, these relationships can lead to higher quality products. Suppliers who are familiar with your needs tend to pay greater attention to the quality of what they provide, benefiting both your business and your customers.

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Moreover, strong supplier relationships can result in cost savings. Suppliers who trust you and value your partnership may offer you special discounts or more favourable terms. This not only helps you reduce costs but also strengthens your bottom line.

Furthermore, these relationships provide flexibility. When your suppliers know you well, they are more likely to be accommodating and adapt to changes in your order or requirements. This agility is a significant advantage, especially in a dynamic business environment.

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Trust and loyalty are integral to strong supplier relationships. When suppliers trust your business and vice versa, long-term loyalty forms. This can be highly beneficial for your business, as it ensures a stable and reliable source of materials and products.

Additionally, when problems or challenges arise, a solid supplier relationship makes resolving these issues more straightforward. You can work collaboratively to find solutions, turning potentially adversarial situations into opportunities for growth.

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Strong supplier relationships can also drive innovation. Suppliers often have insights and ideas that can help your business stay competitive. When you have a strong rapport, they may be more inclined to share these innovations with you.

Lastly, a good reputation in the business world is a valuable asset. Strong supplier relationships can enhance your business's reputation, signaling to others that you are a reliable and trustworthy partner.

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To establish these strong relationships, effective communication, honesty, and respect are key. Building relationships takes time, so patience and consistent interactions are essential. By investing in the supplier relationships, Rasheed and the Silkhouse team have experienced the benefits of reliable supply, higher quality products, cost savings, flexibility, trust, loyalty, problem-solving capabilities, innovation, and an enhanced reputation. These benefits are all benefits that the Silkhouse team pass on to their stockists and their customers.

What can KZN do to support Silkhouse? Anyone who could use their products can have a look at the Silkhouse website and identify a stockist that is more local to them, and by supporting a broader range of our smaller stores, we are able to support a wider network of businesses.

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