Intellisec | KZN Future 50

Intellisec | KZN Future 50

Intellisec: Enhancing Security and Efficiency in South Africa.

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Company name: Intellisec


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Intellisec, led by Managing Director Denzil Steyn, is a key player in the security and systems integration sector in South Africa. The company specialises in the installation and integration of cameras, access control systems, fire detection, and voice evacuation systems into various environments, including buildings, shopping centres, and warehouses. Their services extend across South Africa, with notable clients such as Toyota, Ford Motor Corporation, and Liberty Properties.   

Denzil Steyn acquired Intellisec 16 years ago, transforming it from a small business with no employees and three clients into a substantial enterprise employing 140 highly skilled professionals. The company's growth is a testament to Steyn's dedication and strategic vision. Today, Intellisec operates six branches within South Africa and has an additional office in Mozambique, serving more than 600 blue-chip clients across multiple industries, including automotive manufacturing, mining, commercial real estate, distribution, banking, and healthcare. 

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Intellisec's mission is to provide comprehensive solutions that help businesses reduce operating costs and enhance control and profitability. The company's approach involves leveraging data from various sources—such as machinery, power usage, water usage, lighting, and cooling systems—to create smart dashboards that offer actionable insights. This data-driven methodology not only optimises operational efficiency but also ensures safety and supports sustainable growth. 

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Looking ahead, Intellisec aims to further develop its intelligence platform, which integrates data from a wide range of devices and systems. This platform will enable businesses to make informed decisions about their operations, enhancing productivity and efficiency across their physical assets. By improving building performance, Intellisec contributes to creating more modernised, efficient, and productive environments.  

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Intellisec is committed to attracting talented, motivated individuals to join its dynamic and tech-driven team. The company values long-term client relationships, focusing on building tailored solutions that evolve with clients' needs. This customer-centric approach has fostered a loyal client base, with many partnerships spanning over a decade. 

Intellisec's innovative solutions and dedication to excellence position it as a vital contributor to the South African economy. By driving efficiencies and ensuring safety, the company supports the growth and success of businesses throughout the region. 

We encourage KZN shopping centre owners to connect with the Intellisec team and explore how their services can benefit your properties. By recognising the importance of creating efficient buildings, you can significantly enhance the performance of your centres. Together, we can foster these connections and collectively work towards a more modernised and efficient society. 

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