Steelco | KZN Future 50

Steelco | KZN Future 50

Steelco: Empowering KZN's Steel Industry.

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Steelco, led by Mike Eglington, stands as a cornerstone in KwaZulu-Natal's steel sector. Founded in Pietermaritzburg, the company has cemented its position as a premier supplier and stockist of a wide array of steel products, catering to fabricators, consumers, and various industrial users. From flat sheets to square tubes, Steelco offers a comprehensive range of steel solutions essential for construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure development. 

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The company's distinction lies not only in its product offerings but also in its approach to business. Eglington's leadership reflects three key pillars vital for success: a growth mindset, a clear sense of purpose, and future-oriented intent. Embracing these principles, Steelco continues to thrive, driven by a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Looking ahead, Steelco envisions a future marked by even greater resilience and market presence. With plans to strengthen its reputation for service excellence and expand its geographic footprint, the company aims to solidify its role as a leading player in the steel industry. Furthermore, the integration of new talent, particularly proficient sales personnel, remains a focal point in Steelco's journey towards accelerated growth. 

Steelco factory
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Beyond its own ambitions, Steelco's prosperity holds significant implications for the KZN economy and society at large. By providing employment opportunities and supplying materials crucial for infrastructure development, the company contributes to economic stability and community well-being. Amidst prevailing challenges, Steelco's steadfast dedication serves as a guiding light, embodying the spirit of resilience and commitment to progress. 

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One noteworthy aspect of Steelco's operations is its unique value proposition in the market. Notably, the company offers in-house services such as rebar cutting and bending, purlin customisation, and roof sheeting, facilitated by its sister company, MBM Roofing. This integrated approach, coupled with extensive stock holding and efficient delivery logistics, underscores Steelco's unwavering dedication to meeting customer needs. 

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We warmly encourage the KZN community to come together and connect the Steelco team with esteemed structural engineers. These professionals not only appreciate the vital role of steel products but also possess the expertise to maximise the benefits of Steelco's services. By fostering these connections, we can collectively strengthen Steelco's impact, enriching both the business and the community it serves. 

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