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Food Sock | KZN Future 50

Foodsock: Addressing Nutrition and Employment in KwaZulu-Natal.

Food Sock
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Company name: Food Sock 


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Foodsock, led by Mike Nel, is a business based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, focused on addressing nutritional needs and unemployment in the region. The company produces meal kits that provide all the ingredients necessary to create a nutritious meal for four to six people. These kits are specifically designed to be affordable for low-income households, costing only R45 per meal. 

Mike Nel’s vision for Foodsock integrates both purpose and profitability. The company not only focuses on providing affordable nutrition, but also offers opportunities for individuals to become resellers, thereby creating jobs and reducing unemployment. This approach addresses two critical issues in South Africa: malnutrition and joblessness. 

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Foodsock's meal kits help fill the gap when government support isn't enough, especially for children and the elderly. Malnutrition can affect children's growth and learning, and can cause health problems for the elderly, leading to higher healthcare costs. 

Food Sock
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To expand its reach, Foodsock plans to collaborate with local churches. By setting up stalls at churches, Foodsock aims to serve the nutritional needs of congregations while creating entrepreneurship opportunities. Each church-based stall could support up to 100 families, providing eight meals per week. This model ensures access to affordable meals and empowers communities through local entrepreneurship.   

Since its inception, Foodsock has seen significant growth and interest, with over 300 successful resellers nationwide, including 45 in KwaZulu-Natal alone. This region still holds potential for further expansion, with the capacity to produce up to 2,500 meal kits per day. 

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In the next three to five years, Mike Nel envisions Foodsock becoming a widely recognised brand, known for its role in feeding families and supporting local economies. By increasing consumer knowledge of their brand, attracting new resellers, and accessing new markets, Foodsock aims to scale its operations and impact significantly. 

Food Sock team
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The call to action for the KZN community is to connect local churches with the Foodsock team. This partnership can help install an opportunity for congregation members to become entrepreneurs, create jobs, and provide the congregation with an affordable nutritional solution. 

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Food Sock
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