Giba Gorge | KZN Future 50

Giba Gorge | KZN Future 50

Learn more about Giba Gorge, this week's KZN Future 50 featured business...

Giba Gorge
Giba Gorge/ supplied

What do a restaurant, event venue, BMX park, mountain biking trails, hiking and running trails, a quarry, a storage facility, and an industrial park all have in common? In this case, it’s their location! 

In this week’s KZN Future50, we learn about Giba Gorge which tells a story of a business journey from a small construction company to the development of an outdoor entertainment venue, business park, and adventure park. 

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Giba Gorge, founded in 2007, is headed up by Chris Harburn. Working in the construction industry, Chris originally purchased a small quarry close to Pinetown to solve a problem he was experiencing in the building trade: access to raw materials.  

Having taken ownership of the land that the quarry was on, Chris soon realised that the natural beauty of the area lent itself to hiking and biking trails. These trails were soon carved into the mountain – opening access to new adventures to many visitors since then.  

Mountain biking at Giba Gorge
Mountain biking at Giba Gorge/ supplied

As the quarry progressed, the storage facilities and industrial park began taking shape, followed by the shops, restaurants, and event spaces to service the growing outdoor enthusiasts frequenting the trails. The transformation from a quarry into a diverse business hub showcases the potential for remarkable achievements when communities come together. 

Giba Gorge operates on sustainable principles, emphasising environmental responsibility. With over 70 employees and more than 1,000 people employed within the Business Park, the impact on the community is substantial. The development includes plans for an Incubation Hub, supporting small businesses and contributing to job creation and poverty alleviation. This initiative aims to have a significant economic impact by fostering job creation and supporting small businesses. 

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Today, Giba Gorge stands as a testament to the transformative power of vision, perseverance, and community collaboration. From a frustrated engineer to a developer making a positive impact, Chris Harburn's journey with Giba Gorge is a shining example of what South Africans can achieve when united by a shared purpose. 

Looking ahead 3-5 years, Chris envisions Giba Business Park as the "Destination of Choice" for businesses, communities, tourists, athletes, and adrenaline junkies. Complete with all necessary infrastructure, Giba Gorge aims to be a thriving hub that contributes significantly to the local economy. 

Chris Harburn Giba Gorge
Chris Harburn Giba Gorge/ supplied

The call to the KZN community to support Giba Gorge is by using this established facility to create and sponsor KZN events that can become part of the annual KZN calendar. To share ideas and get in involved with sponsoring events, chat to Chris ([email protected]). 

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