Silhouette Furniture | KZN Future 50

Silhouette Furniture | KZN Future 50

Learn more about Silhouette Furniture, this week's KZN Future 50 featured business...

Silhouette Furniture
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Company name: Silhouette Furniture


The Hospitality Industry – an industry essential to the KZN economy – sits in the centre of an eco-system of many different businesses from many different industries that support the hospitality industry. In this week’s KZN Future50, we focus on one such business – a manufacturing based in Shakas Head, Dolphin Coast.  

In this week’s KZN Future 50 episode, we get to know Silhouette Furniture, led by the father-daughter duo Anthony and Megan Morgan, a business which has emerged as a prominent player in the design and manufacturing of outdoor furniture across South Africa. 

Anthony Morgan, with a rich history in Unilever, brings invaluable expertise in marketing and distribution to Silhouette Furniture. Meanwhile, Megan's international exposure, having lived in China and worked for a US textile company, followed by her role as Chief Buyer at Coricraft, adds a global touch to the business. Together, they form a formidable team with a passion for creating functional, attractive, and durable outdoor furniture. 

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Silhouette Furniture 4
Silhouette Furniture 4/ supplied

Companies like Silhouette Furniture play a vital role in supporting the hospitality industry. These businesses, which manufacture furniture and essential items for hotels and resorts, contribute to the industry's success. By providing durable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional products, they enhance the overall experience for hospitality establishments. Silhouette Furniture, for instance, ensures that hotels have quality outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements and offers a subscription-based service to reduce capital costs for businesses in the sector. The commitment of these companies to delivering top-notch products directly influences the hospitality industry's image, attracting more customers and contributing to its sustained growth. In essence, it is the dedication and innovation of businesses within this sector that bolster and elevate the hospitality industry as a whole. 

Silhouette Furniture is intrinsically linked to the hospitality industry, as this is the industry in which they focus – catering to timeshare resorts, lodges, and private homes. With 90% of their clients coming from the hospitality industry, the Morgans have strategically positioned their business to thrive in a demanding market. The harsh KZN climate provides the perfect testing ground for their products, ensuring they stand up to wind, rain, sun, and the wear and tear of high-traffic environments. 

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Silhouette Furniture 3
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Looking ahead, Silhouette Furniture envisions a transformative role in the outdoor furniture market. Addressing common complaints about imported furniture's lack of durability, the Morgans have turned a problem into an opportunity. Their furniture, designed to withstand the elements and be easily repairable, could revolutionize the industry. In a bold move, they propose a service model, providing world-class outdoor furniture on a subscription basis, reducing capital outlay for hospitality businesses. 

The KZN community can get involved in supporting this business, by encouraging facilities managers in hotels and resorts to take notice. In a time when budgets are tight, Silhouette Furniture offers a cost-effective solution. By partnering with them, facilities managers can access top-notch outdoor furniture without the hefty upfront costs. Silhouette Furniture proposes a service that includes regular maintenance and replacement, ensuring that the guest experience remains at a peak level of performance. 

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Silhouette Furniture's innovative approach and commitment to quality position them as a rising star in KZN's business landscape. As they continue to reshape the outdoor furniture market, their vision of a sustainable and service-oriented model could pave the way for a brighter future in the province's hospitality sector. The KZN Future 50 rightly recognizes Silhouette Furniture's potential to inspire and lead the way for business excellence in the region. 

Silhouette Furniture 2
Silhouette Furniture 2/ supplied

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