Year in Review: The most R-rated property listing ever!

Year in Review: The most R-rated property listing ever!

There have been a few hilarious moments that have gotten us through 2020, and this was definitely one of them!


2020 has thrown some hard-hitting punches, but the real estate agents responsible for this property listing did this one to themselves.

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Luckily, the whole internet could share a laugh when Reddit users stumbled upon this very humourous property listing for what seemed to be nothing more than a normal one-bedroom apartment.

What caught everyone's attention was the fact that this listing, for an apartment in New York City, USA, was not what you would consider family-friendly.

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The post was pretty descriptive and dirty:

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The thought that obviously crosses your mind as you're reading this is: "How did this happen?".

Users speculated that the agents had fully intended on keeping this within a private email, sharing jokes as one does with co-workers, but instead it ended up being posted onto the site without realising.

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Not long after the mistake was made, they luckily figured it out and changed the description back to an accurate description of the property.

Unfortunately, once a screenshot enters the internet world it will stay there forever, which is a hard lesson many people have had to learn.

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We still have one question though: Would this kind of property listing make you more interested or less interested in a building?

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