South African dancer Oti Mabuse wins 'Strictly Come Dancing'

South African dancer Oti Mabuse wins 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Over 13 million people tuned in to watch the season finale of the very popular British series, making it the most-watched show across all channels.

Oti mabuse

Otis Mabuse, our own local dancing diva who is now representing SA internationally, has won one of the biggest British shows in the world - Strictly Come Dancing!

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But surprise surprise, this isn't her first win!

Not only did she win the competition alongside her partner, comedian Bill Bailey, this year, but she's also won the competition in the past.

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She walked away with the coveted glitterball trophy last year when she was partnered with 'Emmerdale' actor Kelvin Fletcher.

This makes her one of only two coaches who have ever won the competition more than once, while also being the only person to win the competition twice in a row!

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And that's not all: Bill, at the age of 55-years-old, has also become the oldest contestant walking away with the win.

It's clear this team was destined for greatness seeing how incredibly well they worked together.

In a rare moment, Oti took to Instagram to share a wonderful and heartfelt tribute to her husband

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She also shared an equally adorable tribute to her dance-partner and "her best friend", Bill, which would leave most of us in a puddle of tears:

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Bill Bailey also had a beautiful message for his teammate while social media has been blowing up with fans of the duo celebrating along with them:

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Clearly, the dance couple was the most talented while also being the fan favourite.

And we couldn't be happier seeing our South African dancing queen win!

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