Watch: Barend's fail goes viral but the reaction is priceless

Watch: Barend's fail goes viral but the reaction is priceless

We all love a good viral WhatsApp video and Barend is the latest South African to make us laugh - nervously.

Screenshot/Twitter/Creator unknown

Disclaimer: Please note that this video is not for kids and/or sensitive viewers

What's the first rule when getting a gun?

"Check the safety!"

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Meet Barend... the latest WhatsApp viral video star making the rounds on the popular social media platform.

Look, we're not laughing at the video, but definitely the reaction of the person taking the video - we love you!

You have to watch it to believe it, so watch the video below. We're not sure who the original owner of the video is, but if you find her, please let us know so we can give her the credit - and thanks - for making us laugh.

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Watch Barend's epic fail below... but wait for the comment afterwards, too:

This video reminds us of the Marelize video that went viral. Remember? The bicycle on the rugby field one?

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Disclaimer: Explicit language

We're thinking a Barend and Marelize collaboration is in order, voiced by the two ladies in each of these videos, respectively.

Main image attribution: Screenshot/Creator Unknown

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