Our Leo Prinsloo parody video has gone viral!

Our Leo Prinsloo parody video has gone viral!

When we decided to give the Leo Prinsloo cash-in-transit heist a light-hearted take, we never anticipated it would be so warmly received.

Darren and Sky heist parody

From receiving 52,000+ views on Youtube to blowing up on varying social media platforms like TikTok and mentions on large publications like TimesLive, the support has been crazy.

The initial idea of the video was purely to salute Leo Prinsloo for his sharp thinking and how calm he remained in such a stressful situation.

It has been almost a month since dash camera footage of Prinsloo and his colleague, Llloyd Mthombeni, landed on social media. In this video, they were being shot at by alleged robbers. The tact that cash-in-transit driver and officer, Leo Prinsloo, displayed in the video is still getting applause globally. 

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The above poll indicates the applause we have also received in the past week on the blog where we debuted the parody video. We have are also been applauded nationally as our parody continues to be widely spread.

Author and former radio host Eusebius Mckaiser recently shared a great laugh with his Facebook followers as he posted the video on his feed.

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We also scored Highlight of the Week with our programming manager, so…

It doesn’t get better than this.

Every morning, Keri asks Sky and Darren how it feels to be celebrities and they truly just appreciate that they have made something that people can laugh together about at a braai, in the car, at the office, and just do what South Africans do best in tough times - have a good laugh. 

If you haven't seen it yet, here it is:

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