Warrick's drama student does him proud on stage

Warrick's drama student does him proud on stage

"One of the best things about being a teacher is realising that all your hard work with your students is paying off. It's the most rewarding thing ever," says Warrick Frank.

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When I'm not hosting my show, I am out in the classroom as an Educator and I also run a drama academy.

One of my students, Lasandra Majola, is taking South Africa by storm as the lead vocalist of the successful kid's band, 'Kwini Kuza'. 

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She began her career as a soloist, performing at eThekwini Municipality and major government events. We often hear of people naming and shaming, well, I'm all about naming and flaming!

Acknowledging people for their outstanding contributions to their community and to society as a whole is what I love doing. Lasandra's charitable nature has really gotten some great attention, which has made me very proud to gloat that she is from my drama academy stable. 

I caught up with this high schooler to chat about her feeding initiative that she has started, funded by herself and her mom with the money she gets from her private and corporate gigs.

Listen to her interview with me in the podcast below:

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