Yikes! Seagull flies off with piece of man’s tongue after altercation goes wrong

Yikes! Seagull flies off with piece of man’s tongue after altercation goes wrong

Seagulls are known to be vicious when it comes to searching for food – but no one expected a bird to fly off with a piece of human tongue!


Okay, we’ve officially heard it all!

A seagull in Scotland got more than it bargained for when it swooped in on a piece of human tongue and flew away with it – leaving James McKenzie maimed for life.

However, this isn’t even the craziest part of the story!

The piece of James’ tongue fell onto the floor after he got into an altercation with 27-year-old Bethany Ryan - she bit the piece of his tongue off!

After the horrific attack left him in shock, James adds that a seagull swooped in, picked up his severed tongue, and flew away with it!

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The incident took place in Leith Walk in Scotland. McKenzie and Ryan had never met, but got into a heated row on 1 August 2019. Prosecutor Susan Dickson explained to the Edinburgh Crown Court that McKenzie approached Ryan with a “clenched fist” and she “somewhat oddly” reacted to the incident by pushing him and then kissing him.

This is where the story gets bizarre. "She kissed him on the lips and bit through his tongue, which caused a piece to be removed,” Dickson explains. "Mr McKenzie walked off and spat it out, at which point the piece of muscle was picked up by a large seagull that made off with it."

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McKenzie was rushed to hospital after the incident but doctors could not perform surgery as the missing piece of his tongue was stolen by the bird. "He did not require surgery given the piece of tongue was no longer available and could not be reattached,” Dickson explains.

The man is now missing a large part of his tongue – around 2cm to 3cm in size.

Meanwhile, Ryan pled guilty to assault by pushing, kissing, and biting off a bit of his tongue, as well as to permanent disfigurement. Defence solicitor Neil Martin said he would save his full mitigation for sentencing, which is expected to take place later this year.

According to Sheriff Nigel Ross, despite the fact that the incident took place nearly two years ago, sentencing is yet to take place “because of the serious nature of the incident” and he needs time to prepare detailed reports.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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