“I found a unicorn skull in my garden,” TikToker claims

“I found a unicorn skull in my garden,” TikToker claims

One TikTok user claims that they have discovered a rare unicorn skull while digging in their garden.

Unicorn Skull

Do we finally have some definitive proof that the majestic unicorn is a real animal? One TikTok user seems to think so after claiming to have dug up a unicorn skull while they were digging in their garden. However, many are skeptical, arguing that the user bought the gag online for some views.

TikTok user @180flix shared a video onto his page a few days ago claiming to have discovered the skull of an actual unicorn, captioning the post: "Look what we found!"

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"We found a unicorn skull while digging in a garden," the user claims while cleaning off dirt from the skeleton. While doing this, the user uncovers a large horn on the top of the head, claiming: "We found an arrow head through the eye socket. This means it could be up to 60,000 years old!"

The video sent social media into a frenzy. The video has been viewed more than 16-million times, with three-million likes and 96,000 comments.

Naturally, many called the video out, calling the discovery a hoax. User @connsully, for example, did his own ‘analysis’ and made a shocking discovery. "At first I thought, 'No way this could be real', but then I read this comment with 12,000 likes: 'Just because you haven't seen one with your own eyes, doesn't mean they haven't or don't exist'. So I decided to do a little bit more research and they were right. The unicorn skull is so abundant you can get one for $35 off of Amazon."

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The video also caused a stir on Twitter. "So this person on TikTok dug up a '60,000 year old unicorn skull' that looked in way too good shape to be even remotely that old btw lmao and the comments are Christians saying that unicorns are in the Bible so they must have existed... as if the Bible isn't a fictional work," one user commented.

Another said: "I know I did not just see a TikTok of someone finding a unicorn skeleton... 2021 just started, we don't have time for this right now."

Do you believe mythical creatures once roamed the earth? Let Vic know in the comments section below.

Image courtesy: TikTok

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