Would you want to get paid to sit around and do nothing?

Would you want to get paid to sit around and do nothing?

German researchers are giving out scholarships and are willing to pay people as little as possible to sit around and do nothing.


The University of Fine Arts in Hamburg is searching for the right people to take part in a research project that will examine laziness and lack of ambition.

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Although there might be what some would consider a catch: Applicants will need to convince academics they will not just be laying around doing nothing, but that they will be inactive in an interesting way.

There are also just three scholarships, each worth 1,600 Euros (equal to about R32,410), available.

It might seem like a ludicrous and silly idea, but Professor Friedrich von Borries, who designed the project, thinks it's vital to study laziness to help with "eco-social" transformation and change the idea that life is a constant success spiral.

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The project also forms part of the 'School of Inconsequentiality: Towards A Better Life' exhibition taking place at the University next year.

Applications close on 15 September, so if this does sound like something right up your alley, make sure you apply as soon as possible!

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