WATCH: A duet that will make your heart skip a beat

WATCH: A duet that will make your heart skip a beat

Only two days before his heart transplant, Sean Tiwanak and Doctor Stern have dropped the hottest collaboration of 2020.


The unusual pre-surgery performance came as a complete surprise but has brought a smile to anyone who has watched the video.

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Hawaiian musician Sean decided to take out his ukulele and sing a rendition of 'Stand By Me' two days before he would receive a heart transplant in Los Angeles, USA.

While wearing her COVID-19 protection gear, Doctor Lily Stern stood by his side and harmonised with her patient.

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It's common knowledge that during this pandemic there have been severe restrictions put into place, especially at hospitals, where there are many people who are immunocompromised, have other illnesses, and should be protected from COVID-19.

This can lead to a very lonely hospital experience. And that's exactly what Sean felt.

In an attempt to cheer himself up, he decided to strum his ukulele, and soon he was joined by Stern and they started singing together.

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He says it felt like a sort of communion and she is so talented, he really enjoyed singing along with her.

Watch the heartwarming duet below:

Main image courtesy of Pexels

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