Would you tell a friend their husband is on a dating site?

Would you tell a friend their husband is on a dating site?

Eek, that's a tricky situation to be in...

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One would never think that friendships could be anything more than fun and loving. 

But the truth is that friendships can also be stressful and difficult from time to time. 

In this case, it was because a friend had come across her friend's husband whilst scrolling through a dating app. 

But that's not the only dilemma she faces, she has to decide whether or not to share this vital information with her friend. 

She shared that the friend and husband made it no secret that they were in a happy and blossoming relationship. 

So it's not an easy decision to make.

Of course, we are not 'on the fence' type of people, and if we call you a friend, we would tell you... full stop. 

What you decide to do with that information, however, is up to you...

According to her post shared to MSN, she said, "I tend to stay away from gossip but neither she or anyone else have intimated their relationship has broken down. I have told no one I know about the dating profile. AIBU (Am I being unreasonable) to leave it and feel it’s none of my business?” 

Many others came to the post to share their advice. 

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Whilst some said that she should tell the friend, others shared that she should approach the husband first. 

One commenter shared that after being in a similar situation, she decided to tell her friend and the friend has chosen not to speak to her ever since. 

Different stokes, people, different strokes...

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