Would you buy Mike Lowrey's famous Porsche 911 from 'Bad Boys'?

Would you buy Mike Lowrey's famous Porsche 911 from 'Bad Boys'?

Would you be in the market for these hot wheels? 

The Porsche 911 from the 'Bad Boys' movie is going on auction...
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Of course, there is no doubt that we are movie and series buffs, and if there was any doubt, then this is your indicator to clear that up. One of the best things about movies is the influence that it has on popular culture, especially when it comes to trends and styles. 

So we can firmly say that driving a sporty, sexy, classic Porsche can be somewhat attributed to the appearance of the classic Porsche 911 turbo in the Bad Boys movie with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. 

In case you need a refresher, here is the famous opening scene of the 1995 movie, Bad Boys. Courtesy of YouTube:

Courtesy of YouTube


There are many moments during the movies that share the passion and the exhilaration that comes with driving a Porsche. Of course, when it comes to the storyline, Will Smith's character (Mike Lowrey) kills it as a speedster who puts his wheels to the test. 

So it definitely adds a sense of character to the car. There has been no indication as to the price the car will be auctioned for, but we are certain it will be a pretty penny...

We wonder if Vic Naidoo would be keen to give this car a test drive?

The car doesn't just reign as a supreme special edition because of it's appearance in the movie though. "It is one of only 350 examples built for the US market in the 1994 model year." (Car Buzz)

It's definitely done its rpunds since appearing on the movie and has received accolades since then. 

"The movie car was owned by Michael Bay, who sold it to film producer Pat Sandstone. It was then sold to its current owner in 2005. In 2008, the 911 was sold to the Matthew Drendel collection before being bought back. After appearing in Bad Boys, the beautiful black 911 Turbo has won numerous awards including first place at the 2016 Jay Peak Concours d'Elegance, 2015 French Lick Porsche Parade Restoration, and the 2014 Pinehurst Concours d'Elegance. It appeared on the red carpet in 2020 for the premiere of Bad Boys For Life." (Car Buzz)

In the spirit of celebrating things that became great in movies, we wanted to share this scene from the most recent movie from the Bad Boys franchise, Bad Boys For Life...


Courtesy of YouTube

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