Woman tries ironing 'sprinkles' onto her hair

Woman tries ironing 'sprinkles' onto her hair

Ah, to create hype and then be completely disappointed by the results...

Colourful sprinkles that are used for baking
Colourful sprinkles that are used for baking/Pexels/@AlexanderGrey

We've seen many hair trends over the years, some of them stick and become timeless, while others fall away just as quickly as they arrived. 

Something that we admire about hairstylists though is their ability to try out new things and push the limits. 

Whether that comes in the form of being eccentric or pushing the boundaries of colourism, they know how to wear their artform.  

In particular, we have seen people use unconventional items to colour their hair. One woman took rainbow sprinkles that are usually used in baking to colour what looked like a blonde wig. 

Let's just say, the clickbait approach she used in her TikTok worked, it grabbed people's attention for sure, but it also disappointed many. 

She ironed the sprinkles on the wig using a piece of wax paper. The hype around what was going to happen captured social media users, but it was a big flop. 

We expected to see rainbow coloured hair but that was not the case. 

Even though this trend didn't work for this woman, it doesn't mean it's a complete failure. 

After you watch the video, check out some steps on how to try this trend out from a haircare website. 

Dare to watch how it turned out below, courtesy of TikTok


she ironed the sprinkles on the hair and it looked amazing

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If you decide to try this fun experiment, note that this method of colouring is not permanent. If you want to try colouring, it's always best to consult a professional colourist/hairstylist. 

Because it's never good to trust someone inexperienced when it comes to your hair. 

Check out the steps as shared by the Shunhair website:

  1. Prepare your hair: Ensure that your hair is clean and dry before starting the process. This will help the sprinkles adhere to your hair more effectively.
  2. Choose the right sprinkles: Opt for sprinkles that have vibrant colors and are finely ground. Coarser sprinkles might be difficult to distribute evenly and may not provide the desired color intensity.
  3. Apply the sprinkles: Take a handful of sprinkles and rub them into your hair. Start from the roots and work your way down to the ends, ensuring even coverage. You may need to apply more sprinkles for a bolder color.
  4. Set the color: Once the sprinkles are applied, gently comb through your hair to distribute the color evenly. Allow the sprinkles to set for a few hours before rinsing them out with water.
  5. Rinse and condition: After the color has set, thoroughly rinse your hair with water until all the sprinkles are removed. Follow up with a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture and minimize any potential damage caused by the sugar content in the sprinkles.
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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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