Woman reveals how the world of dating is evolving

Woman reveals how the world of dating is evolving

Ah, it feels like just when you learn the game, it changes...

Black woman smiling while looking at her smartphone
Black woman smiling while looking at her smartphone/Pexels/@UrielMont

If you are still looking for the infamous 'one', there are things that you have to succumb to. 

For one, you have to adapt to the world of dating. You need to be in the game if you want to find your person.

Part of being in the game means putting yourself out there and opening up to things that sometimes don't come naturally. For some, that means 'texting'. 

A woman recently took to social media to share how she matched with a guy on a dating app, Win. 

After chatting on the app, they decided to move things onto WhatsApp. The thing about that was that she made the mistake of questioning where the conversation was going to go since they already chatted so much on the dating app. 

The guy then responded sarcastically, but she failed to read the sarcasm, assuming that he was no longer interested. 

Watch what happened after. Video courtesy of TikTok

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She updated her followers about the love story and, sadly, even though the date was pleasant, it was not a match...

Watch her on the date. Courtesy of TikTok

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