Should the first date bill be split?

Should the first date bill be split?

An episode of the series 'First Dates' has us questioning whether first-date bills should be split or should the guy pick it up...

Couple at the restaurant with the bill
Couple at the restaurant with the bill/iStock/@JackF

There's a lot to be said about the evolution of dating. Over recent years, the internet has become the main source for connecting people romantically. 

In the digital age, more and more people have turned to online platforms to seek love connections and find companionship. 

Because of this evident change in the 'traditional' form of dating, we can say that the whole culture around dating has transformed. 

Therefore, we can say that with some sense of confidence, not everyone has the same ideals. 

So, perhaps you won't find every guy pulling out a chair for a lady or a man, you won't find the male ordering for the female, and, most importantly, not all males will pick up the bill. 

And on that note, you won't find every female wanting the male to pick up the bill. Right? 

Wrong, there are still people out there who still hold a certain amount of sanctity in the old way of doing things. Even though they may have met in a modern way, they still believe in doing things the 'traditional' way. 

Well, at least that is what we noticed about a woman who was featured on an episode of 'First Dates'. 

'First Dates' is a British reality TV show that first aired in 2013 and shows singletons experiencing their first dates.

It's not the first time that a couple on the show has had an awkward conversation about the bill. 

That is a good indicator that not all people believe in splitting the bill or having one person cover it. 

Check out this short snippet from a recent episode where the lady didn't bring any money to the date...

Courtesy of TikTok

@firstdates Will they split the bill?💸👀 #funny #love #firstdatetips #50firstdates ♬ original sound - First Dates

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Image Courtesy of iStock/JackF

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