Woman makes R562k a month for looking like Megan Fox

Woman makes R562k a month for looking like Megan Fox

She gets paid for doing things that the actress has done in her movies...

A woman who looks like Megan Fox
A woman who looks like Megan Fox/Facebook/@mylondonwest

Only Fans is a content sharing site that allows users to share their content to the platform and other users can follow them for a fee. 

We know the site to be populated by many sex workers, who have found a saturated market online. 

And according to news sources such as Newsweek, the platform gained traction during the pandemic. 

One woman who has had a complete life change is 25-year-old Taylor Ryan from Devon, United Kingdom. 

After beginning to post on Only Fans five years ago - and being told that she resembles American actress Megan Fox - she decided to leave her barista job to dedicate her time to her lookalike's fans. 

"The beauty then decided to start emulating the American actress on the site full time in 2020. One fan even paid her $300 (£250) to film herself opening a car bonnet in a bra and denim hot pants - just like the iconic 2007 Transformer's scene by Fox." (Daily Mail)

Converted to our currency, that's around R5,620. That's some good money for imitating a scene out of a movie. Of course, it comes with its level of sexism, but as they say, money talks...

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Check out one of her TikTok videos below. 

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