: Social media users are outraged at this South African doctor for living his best life

WATCH: Social media users are outraged at this South African doctor for living his best life

Dr Sandile Qwabe has been the talk of the town for simply just being himself.


In this day and age, the world is exposed to different types of content on social media where we get to see the most interesting things.

Well, it seems many people have a strict image of how a doctor should look and behave.

There also seems to be a strong ideology that doctors should be absolutely perfect and have zero personality because many social media users were outraged, some even upset at Dr Sandile Qwabe for showcasing his bubbly personality to the world whilst being a professional doctor.

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The doctor started posting video content of his everyday life on TikTok which immediately went viral.

Some people were extremely happy and excited at how genuine and real the doctor is, one user even stated, 'this is just what sick patients need, a doctor with a funny personality'.

As much as, the content was well received on TikTok, the energy was not the same on Twitter, as soon as the videos of the doctor hit the ruthless streets of Twitter, things started to go south.

Many people negatively critiqued Dr Qwabe, stating that this is not a way a professional doctor should conduct himself.

Furthermore, things continued to take a left turn when users started threatening to report the doctor to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

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@qwabekastufuza The energy 🤌🏿. Follow me on instagram:qwabekastufuza15 #SAMA28 #pyf #trending #madadenihospital #qwabekastufuza #drPhara ♬ original sound - Sandile Qwabe
@donda_87 The funniest delivery i ever had🤣🤣🤣#Dr ♬ original sound - Collis

Many have taken to twitter to air out how they feel about this entire story.

Seemingly, it has become a huge debate which would explain why Dr Qwabe has trending on twitter for a while now.

Tweet on Dr Qwabe
Dr Qwabe

Due to the fact that this story created such a buzz on social media platforms the HPCSA responded, stating that they do not regulate how a professional doctor should dress.

Quite a few people who know the doctor personally (including some of his patients) have come out to vouch for the doctor and share touching stories of how exceptional he is at his job and the huge impact he has had on not only his patients but his staff members.

He has displayed such a great deal of respect towards his colleagues and quite evidently, he is pleasant to work with.

What do you think about this situation?

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