Woman ignores warnings and dips hands into hot spring pool

Woman ignores warnings and dips hands into hot spring pool

Sometimes tourists can be so silly...

Woman dipping her hand in a hot pool
Woman dipping her hand in a hot pool/YouTube Screenshot/@SkyNewsAustralia

Some of nature's most beautiful offerings are natural, hence the name. 

But sometimes stating the obvious can be confusing to tourists, because they sometimes think they know better. 

We get it, it can be electrifying to experience something naturally beautiful, but sometimes it comes with its dangers. 

And those dangers come with repercussions. 

One woman who learnt the hard way about what happens when you don't follow the rules got captured learning her lesson on video. 

"A hapless visitor to Yellowstone National Park’s world-famous hot springs got a thermal surprise after dunking her hand in the spring’s steaming-hot waters. In a video that has gone viral, a man and a woman defy legal restrictions and common sense when they dismount a park boardwalk at Silex Spring on the Fountain Paint Pot Nature Trail in Wyoming." (New York Post)

WATCH the video below, courtesy of YouTube.

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The hydrothermal pool hosts temperatures of 174 degrees. So, we can firmly say that dipping her hand in the hot spring pool must have left a bad burn. 

The man who took the video shared that prior to taking the video, he had a brief conversation with the woman's companion. 

"I told him that was a bad idea and they shouldn’t get off the boardwalk,” the Instagram user is quoted as saying. “His response was ‘whatever man.'” The eyewitness said that he would have reported the visitors’ antics to the authorities, but there was no park ranger around at the time." (New York Post)

A good lesson for any rule breakers. 

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