Town in Austria puts up fence to stop selfies

Town in Austria puts up fence to stop selfies

Why is it so special to tourists? Not only does Hallstatt have majestic views, but it is theorised as the inspiration behind the magical land in 'Frozen'. 

A wooden fence constructed in town of Hallstatt
A wooden fence constructed in town of Hallstatt/Instagram Screenshot/@BBCNews

Travelling is something that we will always advocate for. It opens up the mind and can literally offer someone the motivation to change their lives. 

Visiting places that we see in popular movies or from stories we've read can be something of a bucket list item for many. 

Coming full circle when achieving your bucket list destinations can mean something different for each person. But making sure you document your travels is definitely something most tourists succumb to. 

And that translates into taking as many photos as you can. 

Most importantly in specific places so that you can capture the moment in front of picturesque views. 

One such place happens to be in the Austrian town of Hallstatt. The fairytale town is said to have been the inspiration behind the magical kingdom of Arendelle in the hit Disney movie, 'Frozen'. 

Known as one of the most visited places in the world, Hallstatt has "16th-century architecture; in spring and summer, flower boxes drape windows in geraniums and ivy; and cobblestone streets connect charming cafés, ornate churches, and Alpine inns." (National Geographic)

But it seems that the people from Hallstatt don't quite appreciate the innumerable amount of selfie-takers. 

A wooden fence was constructed recently at one of the most popular selfie spots in the town, as a means to stop tourists from taking selfies. 

The reason? Tourists may just be doing what they know best and being tourists. But they fail to take into account that the town has people living there and that this is their home. 

We get it, it can't be cool always having people taking pics in front of your house. 

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"The fence has since been taken down, but Hallstatt's mayor says he wants to put up a banner to remind tourists that people live in the area. This isn't the first time that tourists have been told to cut back on selfies - the Italian town of Portofino has introduced fines for people hanging around in photo hotspots." (Instagram)

See snippets of the town from BBC's Instagram page. 

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