Woman forgets to finish her make-up and goes out in public

Woman forgets to finish her make-up and goes out in public

Uh, honey, are you sure you're not forgetting something?

A woman with makeup contour lines on her face
A woman with makeup contour lines on her face/TikTok Screenshot/@chris_erin

With the busy lives that we all have going on these days, it can be super easy to forget something at home.

This has even led to many using the phrase, "One day you will forget yourself at home"... 

Well, this woman didn't forget herself at home, but she forgot a key step in her 'getting ready' routine. 

Her husband videoed her from the time he noticed something different about his wife before they left home for the gym. 

He kept asking her if she had forgotten anything. She kept retracing her steps and always answered 'no'.

After several attempts at trying to bring to her attention that she had not completed her make-up routine, she was still oblivious to it. 

At one point, we thought perhaps she was trying to prank him. 

But it wasn't that at all. She was oblivious to it because she was just not paying attention. 

Check out what happened below, courtesy of TikTok

@chris_erin Judge Away..Its A New Style..👆🏼 #fyp #makeuptips ♬ original sound - CHRIS ➕ ERIN

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We thought this would allow people to share their own 'forgetful' stories, but instead many of them questioned if this was a prank or staged. 

Many also asked why her husband didn't just tell her...

But we guess that would've not been fun for him. 

It was a huge reminder to all of us to take a step back and breathe in and out before embarking on our days, because sometimes we don't know how much we are carrying with us until something like this happens.

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