Medical aesthetician shares skin routine for achieving beautiful skin

Six skin routine tips for achieving beautiful skin

A medical aesthetician offers six tips to help you have the best skin possible while explaining the significance of each step. 

Woman applying hyaluronic acid serum
Woman applying hyaluronic acid serum / iStock

One of the best ways to have glowing, healthy-looking skin is to take care of it. 

Knowing which products to use and when to use them can be challenging, given the number of products that are available.  

TikTok influencer, Maja Naruszewicz, who is also the co-founder of Self.Skin, shared six steps to follow to achieve beautiful skin. 

"This is the correct order to apply your skincare routine from a medical aesthetician," she says in a TikTok video. 

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The first tip she shared was that "you do not have to wait it between application because your skin starts to absorb the product on contact."

She says the next step is washing your face with water. This helps to avoid over ripping your skin. 

"You need those natural oils to keep your skin healthy," she says. However, she adds that you can use a cleanser if you want to. 

After cleansing your face, the next step would be to apply toner. 

Maja says the toner helps prepare the skin for the absorption of the next products that you will apply.

After the toner, she advises that you apply the serum. 

"Serum goes deep into the skin and they give you the most results."

The serum should be followed by an eye cream and a moisturiser. 

After the moisturiser, one must apply sunscreen which Maja says should always be the last thing you apply. 

Below is the video of her explaining the best morning and evening skin routine for healthy looking skin. 

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